I-64 Sport’s Middle School Prospects to Watch

by Jamaar Hawkins, i64sports

The 2019 I-64 Sports All-Star Weekend featured a wonderful assortment of young talent. Below, we take a look at the top middle school prospects from All-Star Weekend:

Jamal Brown (BWSL 2025)

The top class of 2025 prospect in the nation resides in Portsmouth, Virginia and his name is Jamal Brown. The 6-foot-4 monster has taken over the internet in recent weeks, appearing on Overtime among others. Brown has grown exponentially since bursting onto the scene last year. Take for instance a sequence when Brown grabbed a rebound and raced coast to coast for a layup. You will not see many bigs on the middle school (regardless of class) with a skill set to finish a play in that manner.

Casey Jones III (BWSL 2023)

Jones, is the type of lead guard that can into the lane with ease. The BWSL guard is very shifty and uses his tight handle to create on the offensive end. Over the Easter weekend, Jones lit up Team PUSH 15u for 24 points with the BWSL 8th grade team playing up a division. I could see Jones challenging for a starting job on the varsity level as a freshman. The kid will be electric on the high school level.

As’ad Pompey (NC Red Storm 2023)

Pompey is a very smooth guard that ran through pick and roll situations exceptionally well. The Durham, NC native was one of the top three middle school players during All-Star weekend. Pompey showed the ability to get in the lane with ease, or knock down the open jumper if the defender sagged off. His length is an added bonus, with Pompey doing a great job using it to his advantage.

Teddy Lee Jr (Team Loaded 757 2024)

Lee possesses an imposing physique for a player at his age. He challenged Brown in the paint for the duration of the Futures Game. Like most young bigs, Lee will have to be more consistent in terms of finishing around the rim, but the class of 2024 prospect should continue to grow into a dominant big on this level, especially with a consistent motor.

Josh Powell (Norfolk Titans 2024)

Powell is a prospect that really made a name for himself during All-Star Weekend. The class of 2024 guard is ultra-quick and strong enough to finish through once he gets in the painted area.

Brayden Thorne (Team Loaded 2024)

Thorne is a ballplayer! He can play either guard position, but mostly ran the point during our evaluation period. Throne is a bigger guard but that doesn’t seem to stop him from getting to his spots on the court. There are not many times where you see him out of control. An “amazing player to watch on the floor,” according to his AAU coach.

Carmelo Swinson (BWSL 2025)

Swinson is a bonafide scorer. The class of 2025 guard has nearly unlimited range from behind the arc. Swinson also uses his body well against smaller defenders when attacking the painted area. We look forward to watching the Portsmouth native expand his offensive arsenal as he develops. Along with Brown, Swinson gives BWSL 2025 a potent duo.

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