Apprentice School AD under fire as offensive tweets surface; former coach speaks out

If you happened to scroll through Twitter on Thursday night you would have came across a post by conservative writer Charlie Kirk, self-proclaimed founder and president of Turning Point USA, who was especially critical of black NBA players and their decision to kneel during Thursday night’s opening night games. Kirk has also went out of his way to lament Americans decision to attend Civil Rights activist John Lewis’ funeral. Definitely not a person you would want to be connected to, right?

Well, among the Twitter users who “liked” Kirk’s anti-NBA post was Newport News Apprentice School Director of Athletics Michael Allen. While a single like would hardly classify anyone as a fan or supporter of a particular person or topic, further scrolling Allen’s twitter feed and you see plenty of instances where he agreed with racist tweets authored by Kirk, who according to his Twitter profile also authored “The MAGA Doctrine”.

But wait there’s more!                                                

Allen also retweeted Kirk’s assertion that Democrats would rig November’s presidential election with mail-in voting likely increased due to COVID-19. Speaking of COVID-19, Kirk has dismissed the virus on several occasions despite his co-founder Bill Montgomery succumbing to complications from COVID on July 27. But yet, along with retweeting Kirk’s post about former President Obama’s administration being the most corrupt in American history, Allen has yet to issue a single tweet in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Not one!

As of Friday evening, Allen’s twitter page had switched to private and was completely deactivated by Saturday evening. Not before the former Norfolk Christian athletic director also erased several tweets linking him to Kirk and other alt-right views. Speaking of NCS, multiple former athletes and parents have come forward (on the condition of anonymity) to discuss instances of racial issues during Allen’s tenure at the school.

During the 2013 football season, members of the varsity team refused to board the team bus for the school’s road game against North Cross. The Ambassadors disbanded their varsity football program after the 2013 season, operating as a JV team only for the next two years. Allen resigned as boys basketball coach but stayed on as athletic director later that spring.

“The demands of being a full-time coach are hard to juggle now,” Allen said. “I feel like it’s time to step back and focus on my jobs as AD and my family,” Allen added in an article printed by The Virginian-Pilot on May 7, 2014.

But speaking with Puncho Mcghee, who served as the school’s junior varsity boys basketball and subsequently replaced Allen as varsity coach following his resignation, the 2013 incident was merely the breaking point for several black athletes at NCS.

“Those kids were not going to play basketball for him due to some strong feelings,” Mcghee noted. “I don’t know the reason he resigned but a lot happened during that football season.”

Mcghee went on to mention several African American athletes who threatened to leave the school due to racial incidents during Allen’s tenure.

“He had no connection with the players,” Mcghee added.

A source close to The Apprentice School stated Allen was scheduled to meet with school administrators, who were made aware of his social media behavior, sometime this week.

There is no place in college athletics for an inept “leader” like Allen. Especially in today’s climate when a major program like the University of Iowa can have instances of racial incidents swept under the rug for years before several current and former football players spoke out earlier this year. Allen is someone who has benefited from black athletes and coaches as both a high school and college athletic director, but neither cares to respect nor empathize with that same population.

While we do appreciate men like head football coach John Davis, who has contributed to I-64 Sports in the past, the time is now for a change at The Apprentice School. Clearly, the values and morals of Allen does not reflect the prestige reputation of the Builder program in the Hampton Roads community.

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Sports agent Alvin Keels talks Percy Harvin return + more (VIDEO)

by Jamaar Hawkins, i64sports

On the latest episode of the Live at 5 Podcast, we catch up with sports agent Alvin Keels Jr, who now heads Paramount Sports & Entertainment Management, which features an array of professional athletes from the Hampton Roads area and beyond.

We caught up with Keels to discuss his start as an agent and his current client list, plus the highly-anticipated return of former Landstown HS standout, Percy Harvin. 

-Jamaar Hawkins

Cut it out: 2020 MVP race edition

Bucks at Wizards 1/15/18

by Najee Simons, i64sports

The MVP Award does not mean the best player. I repeat the MVP award does not mean the best player. Your value to a team does not determine whether you are better than someone else. This season alone we have a serious case of this because people really do not know how to switch the two things up and they let personal feelings tamper with their judgment.

I am going to put this out there… There is no way in HELL LeBron James is the MVP this season over Giannis. Who’s better Lebron clearly. More Valuable? NO. Firstly, Lebron James has a top 5 player (Best Big Man in Basketball) on his team (Anthony Davis). That right there takes away his value. Who is Giannis’ best teammate? Khris Middleton. Now, do not get me wrong, he is an all-star (lower tier), but cut it out. This season he is averaging 21-6-4 with good defense, pretty good cannot lie. Anthony Davis on the other hand is averaging 26/9/3 and potential DPOY, come on man it is not even close. That is just looking at their help. That clearly shows Giannis is more valuable, right there. Here’s another thing, Anthony Davis is the best Scorer & Defender on his team, so how is LeBron more valuable than Giannis who is the best Scorer, defender, & possibly playmaker on his team? It’s sad to say, but yes, your teammates can hurt your Value in MVP arguments (KD-Steph Warriors)

Here’s another thing, the Bucks with one superstar have a better record currently than the Lakers with two superstars. Another advantage for the Greek Freak.

Lastly, let’s compare their induvial numbers. Giannis averages 29 points, Lebron 25. Giannis does, however, average only 5 assists to LeBron league-leading 10. Rebounds clearly Giannis who almost leads the league in.

So, let’s get this straight. Giannis has better stats, less star help, and a better record on top of being a top 3 defender in the NBA, but people want to say LeBron has a case. Man, stop. Cleanse your soul if you take both their names away it isn’t even close.

-Najee Simons