Sports agent Alvin Keels talks Percy Harvin return + more (VIDEO)

by Jamaar Hawkins, i64sports

On the latest episode of the Live at 5 Podcast, we catch up with sports agent Alvin Keels Jr, who now heads Paramount Sports & Entertainment Management, which features an array of professional athletes from the Hampton Roads area and beyond.

We caught up with Keels to discuss his start as an agent and his current client list, plus the highly-anticipated return of former Landstown HS standout, Percy Harvin. 

-Jamaar Hawkins

NSU’s Whitley rallies athletes in peaceful protest

by Najee Simons, i64sports

On a hot, summer afternoon in Virginia Beach, Virginia, many people gathered at Town Center for a peaceful event. The gathering was a peaceful protest led by former Norfolk State basketball standout Steven Whitley. Whitley was highly-motivated to make a change within the community, rounding up Hampton Roads residents of all colors and occupations as George Floyd could have been anybody he knew.

Whitley, along with Mike Bradford-Calhoun of Greater Emmanuel Temple in Hampton, were among the speakers during Saturday’s rally. Each person touched on the need to mend relations between citizens and police departments around the country. As Whitley later touched on, change starts with each of us.

Having an opportunity to talk to a number of Virginia Beach police officers, you really get a sense of more understanding for officers, that many media platforms simply do not highlight.

A discussion with an African American officer started by him simply saying, “It’s hard, right now.” The officer discussed his difficulty as a black officer during the height of today’s racial tensions. Although he feels as a black man he must stand with his people, but as cliché as it sounds, “not all cops are bad.”

The conversation shifted to how he goes about interacting with the community and he essentially highlighted just being personable. Showing that he is a real person and not just a cop. Cop interaction should be a higher priority on both sides, because at the end of the day were all people and should not feel it is one against the other.

Next was a deep conversation with an elderly, white officer and she cried tears while giving me a long hug. The officer mentioned what is happening in our community breaks her heart to see daily. In her eye’s she does not see black or white, she sees everyone as a child of God, brothers and sisters lacking love. At the conclusion of our conversation I got the feeling that a lot of love could possibly prevent what is happening in the community on both sides need to make a conscious effort to love one another.

The athletes in our community and all over the world have so much power to produce change that sometimes they do not understand. University of Florida basketball star Keyontae Johnson was in attendance on Saturday, as was many of Whitley’s current and former teammates and coaches. As Whitley mentioned at the conclusion of the event, this cannot just be a movement, a trending topic this want and fight for change must be in their core their inner self. Not just for athletes, for everyone all over the world.

Tremendous event, I-64 Sports truly wants to thank Steven Whitey for putting this rally together and shedding light on the community.

-Najee Simons