Sports agent Alvin Keels talks Percy Harvin return + more (VIDEO)

by Jamaar Hawkins, i64sports

On the latest episode of the Live at 5 Podcast, we catch up with sports agent Alvin Keels Jr, who now heads Paramount Sports & Entertainment Management, which features an array of professional athletes from the Hampton Roads area and beyond.

We caught up with Keels to discuss his start as an agent and his current client list, plus the highly-anticipated return of former Landstown HS standout, Percy Harvin. 

-Jamaar Hawkins

What a return to fall sports could look like for Virginia schools

by Jamaar Hawkins, i64sports

On Wednesday, Virginia High School League Communications Director Mike McCall announced fall sports would not begin until Governor Ralph Northam moved the commonwealth state into Phase 3 of the COVID-19 recovery efforts. 

McCall mentioned a 10-12 week window before any further discussion of fall sports being played. Football is under considerable scrutiny with the country’s other major sports, basketball and baseball, already taking major hits this year.  

Earlier this week, the Virginia High School League also announced summer practices for all schools would be canceled until further notice. However, states such as Alabama have already discussed paths to a return to football as early as next month. Previous reports had workouts already resumed in Georgia, although those rumors have been shot down by state officials in recent days. 

Each state has the autonomy to make their own decisions on athletic matters, meaning athletes in North Carolina which moves into Phase 2 of its reopening efforts on Friday, could begin fall sports prior to athletes in the Hampton Roads area. That could negate several out-of-conference which had become popular amongst border schools in recent years. 

With the recent turn of events, some coaches believe a mid-September start could be a best case scenario, while a move to the spring would be less optimal but still a viable solution, nonetheless.  But most believe a delayed season is almost inevitable at this point. 

-Jamaar Hawkins